Landscape, Lawn Maintenance and Garden Services in Boulder, Colorado

Green Spaces Services

Sprinkler Installation, Maintenance & Repair

Spring Sprinkler Start Ups are carried out during the month of April.
This service will ensure that your lawn/flowers grow healthily throughout the year and reduce your water wastage. We will carry out a complete inspection of your system and make sure that the existing “heads” are giving the correct coverage (by watering your lawn/flowers and not the street!). The system timer will be set so that the sprinklers will activate at the scheduled time & frequency throughout the year. Remember WATER WISELY!

Winterization of your system should be carried out during the month of October. This service involves the shutting down & turning off of your sprinkler system. With the use of compressed air the system & back flow will be “blown out” to ensure all moisture is removed to prevent any damage being caused by freezing during the winter months.

An additional service of schedule inspections to your system can be carried out during the year. This will involve the inspection of the lines/heads & nozzles to ensure continued efficient performance of the system. The system timer will be altered to provide seasonal coverage. By being proactive with your system you will be rewarded with no expensive surprises and peace of mind.