Landscape, Lawn Maintenance and Garden Services in Boulder, Colorado

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I have my grass professionally mowed regularly?

Lawns that are not mowed correctly/regularly are prone to disease, insects & weeds. These mistakes can result in brown spots, brown/damaged grass tips & possible damage to your lawn. A correctly mowed lawn with sharp blades & well maintained equipment will look good and be healthier too.

TIP - Avoid letting your grass get too long between mowing. By removing more than a third of the grass blade lengths, in one go or by mowing it to short can result in “scalping”. This can cause damage to the grass by cutting into the “crown” of the grass leaf and will result in brown/damaged areas. Also, leave the grass cuttings where they fall, by recycling them back into your lawn you will help with moisture retention, cool the soil & retain nutrients.

Why should I have mulch around my trees & plant beds?

The benefit of Mulch in these areas will be that it will help prevent weed growth, will retain moisture & will help protect the trees from damage to its trunks.

TIP - Maintain the Mulch depth to approximately three inches for maximum results and allow a small gap around your plants & trees trunks; this will help prevent rot & mould growth.

How often should I run my sprinkler system?

Each property will be different, the watering frequency will depend on grass type/age, types of plants and requirements of the trees, but a rule of thumb can be approximately 3 times a week. Each sprinkler zone being set to run for the time required for each part of the gardens needs.

TIP - Water the grass in the early morning, this will allow it to soak into the soil and not evaporate away in the heat of the day. Seasonally inspecting & adjusting the sprinklers coverage & running time throughout the summer is recommended to allow for the increased heat. A lawn that is suffering due to lack of water will appear to turn dark blue in some areas and is a sign to increase the amount of water it is receiving.